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Chad Denton and a different guest each month talk about the beloved and notorious films that comprise the trash canon.


In a bold attempt to reinvent the Halloween franchise, we have an installment all about Tyra Banks and Busta Rhymes trying to make an awful premise for a reality TV show work. Also Michael Myers has to deal with a home invasion. Lisa Cavalear rejoins me to debate whether or not this is the worst or perhaps the most underappreciated movie in the series. (Spoiler: It's definitely the worst).

Find more Lisa Cavalear at https://www.etsy.com/shop/creativecatloafer/ 

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David DeMoss returns to help me process the greatest contribution to the medium of interactive PowerPoint slides, Plumbers Don't Wear Ties. Are there any redeeming qualities to this artistic equivalent of a term paper that didn't get started until 3:00 the morning it was due?  

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Literal '80s pop culture scholar Jonathan Root shares his expertise on one of the most culturally significant movies in the Trash Canon, Death Wish 3! We talk about the politics of the whole franchise, speculate on what the movie's original plot might have been, and even discuss President Trump's passion for the movie Bloodsport. 

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Veteran podcaster Zaki Hasan stops by to discuss one of the "great" video game adaptations-in-name-only of the '90s, Street Fighter, brought to you by the writer of Die Hard48 Hours, and Hudson Hawk. Can Raul Julia's acting overcome even Jean-Cluade Van Damme's anti-acting? 

Find more Zaki at Zaki's Corner.

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Proud Canadian Adam Clarke joins me to confront one of his nation's greatest sins, the creation of Lawnmower Man 2: Beyond Cyberspace. And Chad confronts his inability to pronounce even simple names. 
Find more Adam at Megaphonic FM.

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I lose my Andy Sidaris virginity (and gain a sometimes echo-y voice) for this discussion of "Hard Ticket To Hawaii". Death frisbees, topless blondes, and rocket launcher-bearing hunks in Hawaii all make for a fun ride, but is it truly a Trash Canon staple?

Find David and Desiree at the Esoteric Order of Roleplayers and sirlarkins.com.

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Just in time for Halloween (both the holiday and the new movie that's the 27th or so reboot of the Halloween franchise), we talk about the infamous Halloween 6, the movie that gave Michael Myers a backstory as working for a secret Druid cult trying to save their town in a way more dramatic than just trying to revitalize their downtown...or was a really ill-conceived scientific experiment in breeding evil unstoppable serial killers, depending on which version of the movie you watch!

Find Lisa at https://horrorbunnies.wordpress.com/ and https://creativecatloafer.com/


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For our inaugural episode, David DeMoss joins me to discuss Nick Millard's beautifully titled slasher film, CRAZY FAT ETHEL II. Does it just owe its place on the Trash Canon to its title or does it have a deeper beauty?

Find David DeMoss at And You Thought It Was Safe! 


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